The RTITB MEWP Course Novice Training

Ratios and Minimum Training Duration

3:1:1- 7 Hours and 15 Minutes

2:1:1- 6 Hours and 15 Minutes

1:1:1- 5 Hours


By the end of this course, candidates will be able to discuss and demonstrate:

• Safe and efficient operation of a Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) within the workplace, including their duties under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the risks associated with truck use.

Pre-use inspection, appropriate maintenance tasks and reporting processes

Authorisation to operate arrangements.


Classroom and practical training area. Suitable access to an appropriate practical training area must be available. The practical training area must be clearly identified and protected, and should be segregated from normal working activities.


A suitable maintained and legally compliant MEWP appropriate for the course, with sufficient capacity must be available for use during training. Session equipment is detailed at the beginning of each session. Where applicable, a suitable full body harness should also be available for the course instructor and for each candidate. The harness must be appropriately checked and tested in accordance with relevant HSE legislation. Where the candidate has supplied their own harness, suitable evidence of testing should be made available and checked by the course instructor.

Candidate Specification

All candidates should be reasonably fit, both physically and mentally, and they should have the ability and potential to become competent operators. The minimum age for attendance on this course is 16 but it should be noted that the minimum age for operating unsupervised in specialised environments, such as docks, is 18. All candidates should be properly supervised by a competent person throughout their training. They should be reliable and have a responsible attitude towards the workplace. Individuals who suffer from a fear of height, vertigo, giddiness or difficulty with balance must not operate a MEWP.

Who Should Attend the Course?

The RTITB MEWP Course – Novice Operator course is designed for those with no prior experience of MEWP operation who wish to achieve a nationally recognised operator qualification in the safe and correct use of MEWP’s.

What Will You Get From the RTITB MEWP – Novice Course?

Successful delegates will gain suitable and sufficient understanding of current relevant legislation, best practice and learn skills and ability in the safe use of MEWP’s in line with current approved methods and manufacturer’s instructions. The course agenda includes:

  • Introduction to the lift truck to be used
  • Pre-use inspection and take over maintenance
  • Controls and instruments
  • Weight assessment
  • Starting, moving and stopping the truck
  • Handling laden and unladen pallets
  • Operation of hydraulic controls
  • Stacking/de-stacking – free standing and in racking
  • Safety code testing
  • Practical test of basic operating skills
  • Written test of operating knowledge